PRODUCTS Stamped and Formed Metal Parts Formed Wire Springs Lathe Turned Shafts and Pins FACTORY AREA Manufacturing Shop – 68,000 sq. feet Warehouse – 32,000 sq. feet Office area – 11,000 sq. feet Total factory area – 111,000 sq. feett
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CAPACITY (6 day week / 8 hours per shift / 1 shift) currently at approximately 70% Product Stamping Spring & Wire Shaft & Pin Monthly Capacity 20,000,000 pcs 10,000,000 pcs 1,000,000 pcs PRIMARY PRODUCTION MACHINES Spring – 20 Automatic Lathes – 38 Stamping (16 – 100 ton) – 27 (9 - high speed with auto feeders) Future equipment to…
Multiple Companies to offer our customers a full range of product manufacturing. UL / ISO9001 Approved Board Level Assembly Full Turnkey Assembled Projects Manual Assembly / Through-Hole Component Assembly High Speed Surface Mount Assembly BGA Assembly Box Build – Casing Assembly / System Integration In-Circuit Test / Functional Test Color printed retail packaging / Blister packaging / Vacuum packaging Fully packaged and ready for shipment to customer’s retail outlet
Company with over 40 years of rubber molding experience. UL / ISO9001 Approved 2nd Tier Supplier to Automotive / ISO/TS 16949 Audit Trained Compression Machines / Rubber Injection Machines Offering a wide variety of rubber, such as “Natural Rubber”, “NBR”, “SBR”, “EPDM”, “Neoprene”, “Viton” and Silicone Open Bannery and Closed Bannery Machines Automated Rubber Cutting Machines Products for: Automotive, Railroad, Medical & Dental equipment, Industrial equipment, Electronic equipment and appliances, Plumbing materials, Toys, Pet itemsGaskets / O-Rings / Keypads
Multiple Companies to offer our customers a broad range of services ISO9001 / ISO14000 Approved Injection Molding / Up to 1800 Ton Machine Standard materials as well as Special Engineered Materials Metal Plating / Painting / Silkscreening / Pad Printing Product Assembly Mold Manufacturing – Single / Multiple Cavities and Family Molds Product Examples: Industrial / Automotive / Home Electronics & Appliances / Medical / Laboratory / etc.
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Die Casting – Aluminum / Zinc / Magnesium UL / ISO 9001 / ISO14000 / ISO/TS 14969 Approved Hot and Cold Chamber Casting Machines Alum & Zinc (200T / 1250T) / Mg (400T / 800T) Hydraulic and mechanical presses / Drills Milling Machines / Lathes / CNC Centers Polishing and buff machines and vibrators for special finishing Sand Blasting Machine / Vibrator Ultra-sonic Cleaning Machine Coating approved by DuPont and Whitford Semi-automatic Spraying Machine / Electrostatic Spraying Machine Powder Coating Spraying Machine Manipulator Automatic Spraying Line Pad Printing / Silk Screen Machine Investment Casting
Specifications/Approvals Our printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing companies hold approval certification to the following International Standards: UL Certification IPC-A-600 Class 2 / Class 3 ISO 9001 – Quality Management Standard ISO 14000 – Environmental Management Standard ISO/TS 16949 – Automotive Quality Management ISO27001 – Information Security Management Systems AS9100 – Quality Management System (QMS) for the Aerospace and Defense Industries NADCAP Certified- National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program Download White Paper on Electrolytic Soft Gold Plating!
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Products Single Sided PCB Double Sided PCB Multilayer PCB (Up to 63+ Layers) HDI (High Density Interconnect) Flex PCB Rigid-Flex PCB Special…
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